Reviews of the best-selling book “whispers of death”.

Y’all good? Hope so! If not, no worry,its only Monday😊This week, I thought it wise to share with you some of the best reviews of the this best selling title with you. I’m really glad that over 80 customers have left a review. It greatly means a lot and I didn’t expect people to like the book.

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#1. By James Okun on May 3rd 2018. Verified Purchase.
It is a rare experience these days to read a book of poetry that moves you to deep thought about your own life and which is so relevant also to the issues of people everywhere in the world. In “Whisper of Death” poet Kihali Ronald absolutely “nails” the opposite feelings and emotions that pervade all of us.,

I especially enjoyed the many poems about opposite feelings like hope and fear throughout the book. In one poem “Powerful is the Willingness to Despair” Kihali insightfully writes about the choice always available to us of seeing we always have 2 sides/emotional feelings working within us explaining that “Despair and bear are contrary, a pair.”

Other encouraging life lessons described beautifully in another poem showed how one can have courage in the face of despair “I need to fly high rather than cry.”

Kihali is a true humanitarian showing great compassion for the human condition and for those suffering in extreme poverty. This is shown in another moving poetic line “I would my words dedicate to those in the streets, the ailing, the orphan…”

This is a fantastic book written by a talented poet and humanitarian. I truly enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it to all poetry lovers and seekers of truth. 5 Stars.

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“Whispers of Death” becomes a #1 best seller.

Getting the best-seller orange badge is no easy step for any author. It takes time, dedication, patience and a lot of hardwork. Im happy my debut poetry book finally joined the coveted list of best selling authors. Thankyou all very much for your support, and remember to work smart!😊

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Poetry opens the minds of writers to new possibilities

I’m glad i was an inspiration! Thankyou!

Mark Piggott | Author of the "Forever Avalon" Series

1-street-art-poetry-recapBelieve it or not, I started writing by writing poetry. In high school, I was part of the Poetry Club and helped edit and printed out our annual poetry magazine. I must admit, though, I am a terrible poet. My rhymes were more nonsensical than practical or what most would seem acceptable prose. Though I haven’t written any since then, I still have an appreciation for it.

Recently, I’ve done some “book review exchanges” with some wonderful poets and it has reignited my passion for poetry. It is exciting to find a passion inside me that I thought was long gone.

NOTE: It is a great option for independent authors to do “book review exchanges” to not only expand their library but get additional reviews from their peers.

I want to first give a shout out to the poets that have inspired me to write this blog. Universal Colloquies Inside of Me

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