When I look out the window

When I look out the window I think; Let me cuddle these beautiful young birds And fly away with them To a new horizon full of delight and glee Away from the earth where we suffer But then I remember I am just thinking. Ronald R.

I refuse.

I refuse to let go Of the beautiful memories we shared I refuse to hold on To despair and agony Yes.Death has torn us apart Death has frowned upon our love Death has stabbed our beautiful hearts Death has spoken and spat on our eyes But do we let go? Do we let the memories […]

Playlist 101

Hello!So I’ve witnessed people posting their favorite songs and playlists,whether current or old,and they seem pretty cool!.I’ve also decided to post one.Some of the songs are quite old(maybe a year old) but we all know old is gold!!(wink wink) But anyway most are currently still trending.Check them out.Plus, you can give me suggestions too coz […]

It’s never too late to try

I would like you to read this poem like you were conversing with someone.And that you are the victim of a certain disastrous situation) Hello,Sorry for your loss, I’m fine thanks. Are you really sure you are fine? Do you need my help? I’m fine. Is there anything I can do? No.It will get better. […]