Howdy,,well this poem is generally a fantasy-based one,inspiring and motivating one to move on and push forward.What do you think?? Echoes of a valley Voices of reason  Try as I could My efforts paid not Still,i could hear A voice With utmost clarity and sobriety resonate Among the voices myriad Speak: “The life you choose […]


PROLOGUE. “Sure Tito’s asleep?” she asked,smiling Of course,”he answered.”Unless you doubt that I’m better at making children sleep..” “Hmm why would I?” She hung her soft arms around his neck and they let themselves fall on a large pink well cushioned bed,kissing. “I love you,”he said with conviction. She pulled the light sheet over themselves […]


Howdy,, So I’m glad to announce that I will be launching a new series which is fantasy-based! Well who does not love fantasy? This is a story that will turn you upside down and push you inside out.Every day I will post a segment of it until the whole series is done.Be sure to keep […]