Well, lovers of life, we all want to be happy, right? We all want to feel finally deserving of what we  worked for.We all want to feel seen as doing great and having zero issues eating up our minds.Have at it, pal. But being happy is not necessarily putting on a wide grin and laughing […]

Being You And only You.

Unfortunately, critisicm unlike appreciation has taken the Lion’s share in our daily ‘innocent’ lives and consequently, being who you really are has become an inconsequential matter to many if not all. Yes.Being who you really are.Does that ring a certain bell? Maybe you plagiarised a friend’s work just to get impeccably high scores? Perhaps you […]


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If you feel a little overwhelmed by the official look and still thirst for a glamorous outlook then you might wanna consider the casual look. The casual guy is at ease and out going. TO rock this home boy look is all about the colors :the grays,blues, blacks,browns and whites.…

Revamp your sweater. 

Originally posted on Modish Republik.:
The cold season is back,and despite the necessity to keep warm your fashion flame shouldn’t burn out.So let’s open up our closets and pull out the forgoten sweaters . Sweaters are basically the cardigans(those open sweaters that have buttons,zips,or strings) and the closed ones :The pullovers. Sweaters are pretty much…