Im sorry-this is our culture.

What comes to your mind when you think about culture?Basically,it revolves around the aspect of the way people of a community or society view life and how responsive they are to it.Some societies have glued to their cultures to date whilst some have simply done away with their cultures.I witnessed a certain community’s way of viewing life,somewhere in Southern Africa,and I was impressed and left in a daze at the same time.
As I was sauntering along with my tourmates,I abruptly heard a heated argument between two parties somewhere outside a hut.They seemed to be on the warpath and I wondered what was amiss.Out of curiosity as I was not so much farmiliar with the African culture,I posed a query to a young man who was walking away from the scene:”What’s going on there?”
Believe you me,the answer I received left me rocking with laughter.It was as if the two parties were rather washing their dirty linen in public.”You’ve spoilt my child!”one parent blurted out at the other.
“Hell no!It’s you who doesn’t teach him mannerisms!”…
That,apparently was the bone of contention.One parent was claiming the other had spolit his child simply because his child was sagging,contrary to their norms.The other,trying hard to plead not guilty affirmed that it was merely due to the fact that the world was changing.The argument would have resulted in a terrible kick-and-blow action had a close neighbour not showed up in the nick of time to clear the air.
It was without a shadow of doubt that such communities still keep culture close to their hearts and wouldn’t choose to let go of them.Focus on the bone of contention:a child sagging!
Right.I do not know how bad or good it is,but it communicates something on morality.A quick reflection on our modern world would affirm that things have changed.But perhaps not everything must change.Some aspects of culture contribute a lot to our morality and must not be wiped out.The idea of sagging and other unacceptable ways of dressing can’t wash.Whatever your community thinks about culture,what remains a fact is the maintenance and promotion of good culture.

4 thoughts on “Im sorry-this is our culture.

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