Sure Tito’s asleep?” she asked,smiling

Of course,”he answered.”Unless you doubt that I’m better at making children sleep..”

“Hmm why would I?”

She hung her soft arms around his neck and they let themselves fall on a large pink well cushioned bed,kissing.

“I love you,”he said with conviction.

She pulled the light sheet over themselves and he slipped his fingers down her waist.She moaned slightly.Then the phone rang.

“Pick it up Bae,”she said.”And who would want to call at this time?”

But he went on touching her bum slowly while she threw her head to his wide chest.The phone rang again.

“Aren’t you going to pick it up Bae?”she interrupted

“Rather I’ll pick you up,”he said and held her tightly.

“Chris it’s a call you have to pick it up ,will you?”

“Alright.But just in case it’s a stupid call from a stupid guy who’s failed to sleep and wishes to disturb others who are,you know,busy,”she laughed,”I’ll punish you.”he finalised.

He reached for the phone grimacing.



“Hello?Who’s this?”he reiterated

“It’s me and I’m at your house right now,”the voice replied.

“What? Huh,anyway its too late for pranks don’t you think Mr..?”

“I’m here to get what’s mine.So you either give it to me or I get it myself.”the voice thundered back.

He glanced at his wife and she glanced back.
The next episode will be tomorrow guys!Keep checking my blog to know how the fantasy story unfolds.The next episode is full of deaths but..no spoilers!!thankyou for reading and see you tomorrow at this time !!cheers!

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