Well, lovers of life, we all want to be happy, right? We all want to feel finally deserving of what we  worked for.We all want to feel seen as doing great and having zero issues eating up our minds.Have at it, pal.

But being happy is not necessarily putting on a wide grin and laughing out loud like you own the world.Being happy is not majestically strolling across paths and wanting everyone to think you finally feel satisfied.It isn’t about partying late into the night either.

Being free from what was holding you back is the true meaning of happiness.Be it the poor wages that got you frustrated,the nasty old boss that wont just leave you and your family in peace, the late night heated arguments with the love of your life that left you wondering whether you made the right decisions in life or that stern looking teacher who is always on your neck and breathing fire whenever your performance in class takes a sharp nosedive.

Understanding your own problems has been one of the most difficult tasks for humans.Many of us once faced with challenges would quickly want to forget and run away as the impeccable solution.We never have the time to sit down, think ,understand and accept the situation in the first place.

Accepting your challenges is vital as it enables you to to decide how best you can deal with it.Once you find the right balance and state of mind without haste, you realize you can deal with the issue in a thousand ways and that freedom from the confines of the problem is what breeds happiness.

Holding back on our emotions is only disastrous as we don’t get to share the problems with ourselves and with others too.Do not be afraid to feel.Its normal.

It is important that we accept our challenges as part of life and stepping stones for greatness and with that realization, comes freedom.And with freedom comes happiness.


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