Being You And only You.

Unfortunately, critisicm unlike appreciation has taken the Lion’s share in our daily ‘innocent’ lives and consequently, being who you really are has become an inconsequential matter to many if not all.

Yes.Being who you really are.Does that ring a certain bell? Maybe you plagiarised a friend’s work just to get impeccably high scores? Perhaps you wanted to chase a certain dream or career but with your too-demanding and over-ambitious parents entirely on your feeble neck,you changed your mind.Or you were the innocent soul everybody looked up to until you realised you are no longer in the 16th century and had to keep up with the trends.Whatever it is,we have all been other people at some point.

And whilst being really you is conceivably a tough nut to crack, it’s obviously not impossible.

Shifting attention to the career field, it is obvious we have all thought about what we want rather than what we need.We have chosen to do something because we believe it will be classy.We believe we will be rich and own the world in our hands.We believe people will glance at us and our huge jobs and careers and do nothing but bow before us.

But you might realise one vital thing missing- happiness.Everything you do will be out to impress.Nothing is being done out of passion.Nothing is being done out of reason. Slowly, you realise you’re doing something you were not meant to and the input towards it wanes.So does the drive.You realise you hate what you do and end up quitting.

Being really you not only allows you to make sound decisions but also enables you to make the best ones.Choices that you won’t regret in life because it was you who made them in the first place.Choices that you will stare at and grin with confidence and satisfaction knowing at the back of your mind that you will unreservedly succeed and there is no going back.Choices that will make you feel proud without having to force or fake it.

Your company may love, protect,appreciate,hate,condemn or even despise your ideas.But be careful.Let them not make decisions for you.After all, we don’t live a double life do we?


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