No.Stay away!


Right.You are so and so’s child.You belong to them and they own you.But does this mean you have to involve yourself in your parents’ affairs?

No matter your opinion,it is obvious that you can’t be your own parent.Neither can you be their parent.Trying to solve problems on behalf of your parents is proving futile and needless especially among teens,and is showing more deleterious effects than expected.

There are many issues families can have,ranging from a few scuffles to major incidences of
domestic violence.And teens have been affected in one way or the other.
Some have had to contend with single-parent families.Others have had to keep the streets company because both parents are unconcerned.Whilst others have had a difficult time to stay with their parents and suffered painful stressful nights.

Some of these children end up strangling their dreams when they try to intervene.They’ve had to try to bring mum and dad together and have consequently lost concentration in studies,leading to dismal performances and the inability to reach for the stars.

I had a pal who was a brainiac and we would joke sometimes that he would be a doctor and would treat me when I would be infected with old age.He was this kind of guy who loved biology and used to beat us all fairly and squarely.But poor man,he dropped out just on the final year since his parents separated and none wanted to take over the responsibility of raising him.It was as if he was a burden to them.

Possibly the parents were financially drained and had just given up on the other.

And seemingly,the child lost focus because he lost his parents though they were still alive.

But maybe he should have left that to them.Maybe he should have given them a cold shoulder and started all over with a step-parent.Maybe he should told himself that life was packed to capacity with challenges,and that how he faced them was what would matter.That he has his life to shape and he would also have a family on his side.

I believe despite the challenges we go through,we should also learn to be challengers.We can forget our status and work hard to improve it.We can let bygones be bygones and stay away from bad memories.We can stand and declare that yes!You two may be in a scuffle but Imma work hard to make you one.Imma live my life and correct yours later.

Let’s not clutch at a straw and watch ourselves drown.Rather,let’s watch misery drown and let’s powerfully and skillfully swim against the strong tides and waves.Because we shall eventually reach the shore.



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