It’s always been you.

Happy 2015!! We’ve just closed the curtains over 2014 and as we usher in 2015, we all,in case it slipped your mind, look back on the past and set our goals for a fairly impeccable future.

Personally I’m grateful not just because I’m entering a new year but because of various reasons.

First this is my second anniversary in wordpress.I guess I’m too young a person to be posting in such a mature site..but anyway it has been great for me.I love it because it sets my wheels of writing in great motion.

But most specifically I would like to thank my fans or Followers of this site.

You have been very supportive throughout my blogging career and have provided the impetus I’ve always needed to not only post sensible content that would get one to rack his brains and make better decisions,but also to better my writing.Remember English has not been my first language but thanks to you guys, I’ve pretty much learned to write,speak and listen to English Language.

Credit to you!And the others who have always corrected me in any situation, many thanks.

As we enter into a new year,let us get encouraged.Let us not be put off by mere circumstances.

Challenges will always be there.Hey.You may suffer from lack of promotion,or failure at school,or rejection by even the closest of friends,or loss of loved ones.But that’s what makes a hero or heroine.

Let’s learn to not only face our challenges,but accept and learn from them.When God says that you can move mountains,it simply means that you have the power to take on any big challenges that come your way.Simply accept that your employer is not happy with offering you a promotion,check yourself,learn you,and find out why.Then seek solutions in its wake.

Be happy.Life is about being happy and rejoicing even when things go wrong.Because everything happens for a purpose. You may not be in good terms with your problems now,but later you’d realise why you missed a job chance in Cocacola and got fortunate to grab one in Media industry.We can’t just decide our fate by ourselves,so quit worrying and focus on what’s ahead.

Finally,please let us accept who we are and try to be liberal.Let’s focus on our goals and resolutions and try to achieve them.Be it reading more,praying often or losing more pounds..

This is my last post so far until April,due to the busy schedule of school.It’s painful that I will miss you guys really much!!But I want to dedicate a Bible verse to you for this year:

Deut 28:6-8
Blessed shall you be when you come in,and blessed shall you be when you go out.The Lord shall cause your enemies that rise up against you to be defeated before your face:they shall come out against you one way,and flee before you seven ways.
The Lord shall command the blessing upon you in your storehouses,and in all that you set your hand onto;and He shall bless you in the land which the LORD your God gives you.

I wish you all a happy blessed 2015 and please stay safe as we meet next in April.

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