Afternoon Farm Visit

This afternoon I had to dispose some of my weight by visiting our family’s farm.

Below are photos of the beauty of nature:


Good view of sunset too!


Sweet cane!!But very sharp-margined.Have to walk through carefully.Otherwise you’d leave with a bleeding neck!


Beautiful landscape..especially when you feel thirsty!!


And the small river that boasts ferocious Crocs!!



We have plenty of banana too!


Fields just get greener every minute!


Such paths get scary at night!They give me the creeps!


Green green green!!

Had a fabulous day.Though my legs are tired…I hope I lost some good amount of pounds too:-)

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5 thoughts on “Afternoon Farm Visit

  1. BANANAS!!!! My two year old son would be in heaven everyday. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful supply of GREEN GREEN GREEN!!!! My favorite color ❤

  2. Nice.Next time get involved in the real planting and harvesting activities.Am sure the sweat would be a great sign of lost pounds.

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