My Savior


Ever had a nightmare that turned out to be your turning point in life?

Gasping silently
Glancing anxiously
In the cold room
I held the pistol
My hands frail
But my decision strong-

All the wonderful memories
I had in life
Flowed freely-
I felt so sorry
For the people I loved
And those who loved me too

I knew it would be
A piercing nail in their wounds
To see me dead and gone

But why should I live?
When life’s been unfair?
I’ve lost my family-
Shall I suffer in agony?
And rot in disgust?

I gazed at the pistol
Cold tears flowing
And mocking me-
Enraged owls hooting
To alert all
About my plan

I put the pistol
In my mouth

My index finger
Ready to pull the trigger

When a strong arm
From who knows where
Grabbed the pistol
And a compelling voice
“My son.Do not disgrace
Yourself and others.
For I alone
Know the plans I have
For you.
Plans For prosperity
And not disaster,
For a future and a hope.”

Slowly, I stretched my arm
To get hold of the voice
Only to open my eyes
And arouse from sleep,gasping.

I wiped the tears
That had welled up
In my eyes-
And felt determined
To move on.


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