A little bored this Sunday evening after an afterall intriguing preaching, I thought a little encouraging story would pique your interest and crown your weekend.

Harriet was a young girl at high school who relished the beauty of music.She was so obsessed with it that she could make up almost anything appear as a microphone,and would sing and dance before her friends,who would appreciate her and show her off to others.

Not everyone loves everything though, and so was Harriet’s case.Her creativity and oomph in the field of music had in its wake lined up a queue of enemies.They hated the fact that she could always carry the day and her voice simply put them off.

It wasn’t long before they began making her feel inferior.They would always jeer whenever she sang to grab attention.They argued that her voice was deficient in quality and ordered her to concentrate on her studies more.

And given that she was indeed a struggler when it came to studies, she felt completely hurt and was consequently put off.Constant urges by her friends to keep on shining with her golden voice hit a brick wall.

The poor girl lost her cool and abandoned singing.

On one occasion, a preacher asked a young girl to sing before the entire church before he could preach.The girl happened to be Harriet,as she was a staunch christian who kept sitting at the front.She obliged.

And the preacher,looking astonished and amazed,yet impressed,simply commented on her singing as ‘enticing’.

That one word changed everything.The shy discouraged girl who had decided to keep her potential under the wings rose and rose.She went back to choir singing,and participated in numerous music festivals,where she always emerged among the best.Today,she is a renowned singer.

One word can change everything.It could turn you from rags to riches or from hero to zero.


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