The issue of having to put on ‘correctly’ has been a bone of contention recently in Kenya.Whilst many young girls are dressing ‘poorly’ as a way of romanticizing themselves before their fellow men..(or what else could it be?), the public has been irked by that idea and has taken to stripping women naked in public,claiming that that they are being blinded by agnosticism and sheer secularism.

Could this be related to religion?

Whether or not that is answerable,it could be quite clear that none of such despicable behaviour is prevalent in the annals of history.

Moral decadence is reigning supreme and ladies are taking to whatever kind of clothing they would wish to put on.

Yet the same people moan of rape and prostitution.How blind are they that they become oblivious of the fact that such immorality leads to prostitution and rape?

And of course in the wake of that,come ailments of all names,with HIV-AIDS being their master.

Kenya is not a country that suffers a lot from hot unfavourable weather and therefore such as claims to account for their disgusting dressing code would totally be offpoint.

Decency is a virtue while imitation is limitation.They should quit imitating other countries who have reasons best known to themselves.

Dare I say that I challenge all ladies to behave and put on integrity.


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