The MTV award winner whose brilliance in the music industry has been clearly showcased in the creativity of his music and his subsequent success, has been a real inspiration.The singer,whose voice is well known for resonating with utmost clarity, sobriety and oomph has hit the headlines recently.

One could listen to his songs and simply wallow in sheer inspiration.

However, what thrills me most is his idea of coming out as gay. He has demonstrated openness, a quality much hard-earned by some,if not none.Who in his right senses in the wake of his success risk to scare the world and reveal his privacy?

Sam Smith would.Astonishingly and ironically, he came out just before releasing another album.Yet the album gathered much”sophisticated” praise and applause from many.It was interesting to note how the success came about, given the general spiteful attitude towards the gay community in the society.

And the music genius claimed he did not beautifully create sweet lyrics just to arouse his fellow gays in the popular song “Stay with Me”,but to let all those who suffer in various ways understand greatly that despite all their shortcomings,they ought to accept and move on.Life offers many chances of success and could you be reasonable enough to grab one or two?He claims.

And in the wake of such inspiration,all my fears and feelings of lack of self-acceptance were mercilessly plunged and drowned in the deep waters of forgetfulness.

Do you think it was a good idea for Sam Smith to come out?
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