(Tears) From the start
you broke my walls of joy
you tortured my feelings
played with my emotions
you broke our only connection
saw to it that-
you shone bright like the sun
with joy;
whilst I sat silent
unable to express
my bitterness,my wrath
I was hurt
and I could’nt revenge
or speak out
as I was little
still too young to confess-
I’m grown
a teenager
dazed,with many thoughts
yet I understand all now
and when I try
to give my piece of mind
all you do
is get enraged
in fact
you’ve disowned me
as yours
called me names
shattered my hopes and dreams,almost
with your mere curse
yet innocuously,I did all
I just wanted my peace.
The memory of this crumpled face
will ne’re abandon you
you said I’ve faltered
in the wake of my immorality
but I say
I’m still that strong
believing guy you had
nothing nowadays ever
breaks my heart or
shatters my dream
believe it belive not
you will live to see
the success of your guy
the betterment of me
my joy,still holds on to me
and I still hold on to it
I can’t let go
I know-
I’ve not finished with a flourish
in your and my opinion
and I know and understand
my affliction
but I will get over it soon
I promise.
I will change,I should,and love you again
and that
will never happen.


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