Pull the strings
tie them
i used to pull the strings
tie them
bind them
sow them
gather the pieces
and make-
a fine pattern
a good sowing
a perfect patch
one good sight
one splendid show-
but now-
i can’t
the strings have
rejected me
rejected my hands
my skill turned down
by the strings
i pull them no longer
in lieu,they pull themselves
cut themselves
untie their bonds
spit at me-
wilt the strings
welcometh me?
I’ve always known
life is a collection
of strings
but once pulled
recognize its binders
and get pulled
for now
a mystery
the strings have
lost their pattern
bad vision
i feel i
could dispose of them
in a deep ocean or
immense,vast valley
never to be seen
but i have
a heart
that won’t break
that won’t succumb
to sheer mishap
but will fight
to keep itself strong
i endure
i live
i accept
pull the strings.


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