I apologize to most of you,as I’m quite certain many boggers are not at home with sports,soccer particularly.However,be flexible and relish anything at the table,will you?

When it comes to soccer,I’m a brainiac.Not that I’m generally a dullard in other sectors,I just seem to get along so well with sports.

I’m impressed by Chelsea’s oomph in the recent games they’ve took part in.Chelsea is my favourite club and has been so since the late 80’s.(when I was born).I’v always given this club a eagle’s look and looking at their current way of play,they have the competence,command and expertise,aspects that are pretty enough to thrust a club to the limelight.

In the wake of their apt defence against Liverpool,Arsenal,Manchester United and Manchester City,quality is writ large.Also having been the first club this season to trounce Manchester City at their playing ground(commonly referred to as’home’),the writing is on the wall for such other clubs to face us in posterity.

Luis Suarez,Sergio Aguero and Robin Van Persie had shook the club quite amusedly at first,but as at now,are fading.Chelsea has players such as Eden Hazard,Fernando Torres,Oscar,Lampard,Schurrle and many others who have ascertained that they remain at the top,and at the top they still are,fighting even harder to win the League title.

This promptly brings me to a flashback,when Jose Mourinho,(current manager),managed Chelsea in the 2008-2009 season and with all his unrelentless efforts had made Chelsea win two titles:The Premier League and The European Champions League.So splendid had this win been that this time round,we hope and believe Chelsea will redo it.

The cunningness of Hazard,the speed of Torres,The oomph of Eto’o and the resilience of Willian,summed up with the great coaching of a renown manager have always given us direction.And we shall find the place to celebrate.Go Chelsea!!!


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