Needless to say, we all at one time issue positive or negative comments about something .We are all humans and that is pretty plausible.

Nonetheless, did you know that words can have a meaning so profound? I’m not referring to the negative side only, nor the positive way where people speak blessings and they come true. I’m talking about both. Whether you want to break someone’s heart with hurting words, or you want to approve of someone’s good work by congratulating them, always be cautious with what you say.

I like giving examples to ascertain that clarity, comprehension and demystification are all achieved. There was this young guy, called Fred, in our French Class who had such passion in studying Law in his future years. He also talked to me in confidence about this and never shared it with anyone else .He had the ability to write argumentative essays on his own but held them back to himself on the grounds that he lacked confidence. He also had a burning desire to participate in debates but again, anxiety held him back.

I always took my time to encourage him and he was getting better at his confidence under the aegies of my support. Then came one time when our teacher of English issued us with papers and enquired that we write out an argumentative essay .I can vividly remember the question; something to do with “Women being given more opportunities in the male-dominated world .We all wrote our essays and submitted them.

When the teacher returned with the scripts, he, as always, read out the most impeccable one. I recollect his words still. .”Fred Humphreys, fabulous work indeed.”

How many words were those? Three .Three powerful words that were sufficient to thrust the fearful Fred into the limelight in the wake of his impeccability in essay writing at school. He now took to writing essays in the School Magazine frequently and boldly took part in debates. He rose to sheer eminence not only at school but also in the nation, where he immensely contributed to literature and poetry in the Dailies .Later in life, he would be a successful lawyer and writer. All these because of three words.

No matter how many words you speak, take care. It could turn out to be a bottomless pit of misery for your friend, or countless years of glee for your brother.



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