Happy New Year guys! We are almost drawing the curtain over 2013 and it is wise, if not mandatory, to reflect back, unearth any possible achievements and failures and consequently come up with New Year Resolutions.

I’ve always, needless to say, done this but I’m afraid there comes a time when life pushes you and thrusts you here and there, making our goals fall by the wayside. However, it’s always better to try no matter the circumstances at hand.

I’ve had a glimpse of my 2013 and I detected some factors that kept holding me back:

Lack of self-control and being so temperamental, more specifically, indignant with people when I’m corrected

-Fear for the worst even when success is apparent

-The act of cherishing procrastination like it were my lover

-Always absent-minded and consequently making silly mistakes.

-Succumbing to immense anxiety, almost fleeing my problems.

-Often embracing lateness, even when dinner is ready

-Too contemplative on matters of little value

-Not flexible. When a situation goes unexpected, I find it difficult to cope.

-Not visiting friends often, even when sometimes they invite me to parties

-And oh! Eating like I’ve been in a desert for ages!


I hope I’ll succeed in making necessary changes. I’ve actually already come up with my targets and I hope to stick by them always. I’d like to recognize the presence of you, my audience, as I’ve succeeded in many fields under the aegies of your support. I’ll also do everything in my power to ascertain that my blog posts are streets ahead of the normal. Thank you once again and have a prosperous 2014!







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