Strange Voice.

Happy holidays everyone!I hope you find this poem interesting,just like I did.Forest


For long I ran from nightmares

I was not a slave of superstition


Then there was a voice

Slim but rather hoarse


That beckoned to me

Yet said nothing worth understanding


“Voice:just what are you saying?”

I kept asking,but no reply


It grabbed my arm with its jaws

Powerful jaws;I could not resist


And drove me to the shores

Of a vast sea;I knew not its name


Then called to me:

“Tell me what you see.”


Like it was real,right next to me,

I answered,with a shaky voice


“I see a sinking ship,

With nobody to save it.”


And there was a whirl wind

The ship sunk beyond sight


It was as if my ears

Had widely opened up


And the voice said,



“Just like the ship has sunk,

With nobody to save it,


So will your foes drown and fade

Never to return!”


It resonated with immense clarity

And sobriety


Then left abruptly,

Leaving me alone,by the shores,dazed.



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