Rose,my sister-in-law displayed her sharp claws when recently my younger brother,Rick, went to pay her a visit.Actually,she and her husband.

Rick had just completed his final exams and was as eager as always to relish his holidays somewhere but not his hometown.He had consequently left for my brother’s house having in mind that there would be some sort of fun there.He was wrong,unfortunately.

Of course at first sight,like all would be pretentious,she welcomed Rick with open arms.”feel at home.”she had uttered.For the first few days,all was well except for a few reminders here and there.

Nonetheless as the days progressed,Rose began showing her bitterness and melancholy in the wake of Rick’s behaviour.Not that he was stripped of morality,but she just didn’t like his prescence.She might have felt a lack of privacy..

It all began when she was blurting insults at Rick on the grounds that he was untidy.He had not cleaned up his room and this irked Rose to the extent that she almost beat him up.Dignity held her back.

Whenever her husband,Bob,attempted to calm her down,she claimed he was only being supportive to his younger brother.This went on until one day,when she found Rick watching his favourite show,she impassively took grabbed from him the remote control and switched to her channel that she adored.

This stupefied and further enraged Bob so much that he enquired of her actions which were despicable.
“What the hell are you doing?”he asked.
“Watching my favourite channel.Is that a problem?”she gave back.

Feeling disrespected,he caught her by the neck and slapped her not to mention warned her of dire consequences if she went on with that habit.She quickly packed her things and left saying,”You can stay with your brother if you think he can bear you children!”

That was it.Why can’t people learn to stay with their relatives?They are not cannibals afterall.Even if it’s privacy that is a dire concern,aren’t there milder ways of asking for this?Must you be aggressive and reveal impertinence?I think we ought to be careful and cautious with the way we present our troubles and rather than fleeing them,we are obliged to solve them.


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