I beg you,
If you feel something like love for me,
Not to let me know it now
When I feel nothing so certain for you-
Wait until you’ve conquered my pride
By pretending not to care for me.

I beg you,
If you think your eyes will give you away,
Not to give me that longing look
When you know it will force the moment-
Wait until our heartbeats have settled
Then put your head on my shoulder.

I beg you
Not to let us surrender to passion
Until our liking has grown to love:
Let’s stop and look back,
Let’s draw apart and sigh,
Let’s stand back to back,
Let’s say good-bye for the day
And walk our different ways
Without pausing to wait
For an echo to our last word.

I beg you,
If you find yourself interlocked
In my embrace,
To kiss me and keep silent
Before I start making promises
That time may choose to byepass-
Wait until our hands are free,
Then listen to me;
Wait until our love is primed,
Then give me your hand.


It is pretty clear without a shadow of doubt that this is a romantic poem.It however expresses an exhorting tone and atmosphere as depicted by the persona’s words.The persona pleads and urges his(probably a male) lover to demonstrate restraint in love.

It is obvious that this man has an upholding attitude towards mutual love.Passion.He says that he is not ready to make promises,clearly shining some light to our modernity.Whereas in the current society where lovers fool themselves with false promises,the persona attempts to adjust moral decadence and probably abolish it.Yet this has been a tough nut to crack for many.

The poem exhibits a solemn tone of advice to the youth majorly,that they ought not to take love for granted.They should uphold mutual love and passion for another.

Apart from love as a virtue that stands out,patience is also dominant.The persona persuades his lover to wait until their love is primed,yet there is a reward for that:marriage.This ought also to be a learning point for many young lovers who rush into marriage while ignorant of its deleterious effects when not mature.Are you one of them?


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