It’s weekend again!A time for Sports.Particularly,I’m impressed more by the English Premier League and being a keen and avid follower of soccer,I resolved to coming up with a list of best players.

Be it noted that this list does not comprise top scorers or apparently the fiercest forwards,but summarizes those players who have demonstrated ability,agility and overall striking performance in the field and consequently have been an impression to our eyes.

Besides,the floor is open to everyone.Anybody with any implications whatsoever is as free as a bird to air his views.Remember this is just an opinion albeit within an ace of being factual.

The top 15 best players are:

1 Gareth Bale-Tottenham

2 Luis Suarez-Liverpool

3 Robin Van Persie-Manchester United.

4 Mesut Ozil-Arsenal.

5 Eden Hazard-Chelsea.

6 Juan Mata-Chelsea

7 Sergio Aguero-Manchester City

8 Vincent Kompany-Manchester City.

9 Wayne Rooney-Manchester United

10 Yaya Toure’-Manchester City.

11 David Silva-Manchester City.

12 Oscar Dos Santos-Chelsea

13 Daniel Sturridge-Liverpool

14 Frank Lampard-Chelsea.

15 Steven Gerrard-Liverpool.


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