“See each day as a new beginning and master your past failures.”

Do not permit the influences of the past to torment you.Today,you have the opportunity to live your life,any way you want to,without letting baggage from the past burden you.

You can choose to take charge of your life and direct it to your goals,or be at the mercy of negative influences from time gone.

Face each day with optimism.If it is sunny,enjoy the warmth it radiates,and if it is rainy,frolic in the showers,for they bring growth.

Relish your friends for the pleasure they bring and accept your adversaries for the lessons they unintentionally teach you.Embrace your success for the glee it causes and endure your failures for the insights they provide.

Acknowledge your achievements.They are your rewards.Confront problems as they come,for they bring you challenges that make you grow.

Live this day as if it were your last.Do not mourn about the defeats and failures of yesterday,or waste time in futile melancholy.In lieu of that,set goals for today and go for them.Take each task calmly.When you finish,move on to the next.

See each day as a new beginning and master your past failures.Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.

Happy holidays!


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