I feel crucified on the cross
or bound and gagged at a stake
i thirst for freedom to pick up the loss
Please!don’t say our love was fake

so uneventful my travels are
without you i feel locked up in jail
for you seem so much far
yet fate had promised our love would’nt fail

at the theatre all and sundry holding hands
as they watch together in glee
now i feel like i lack the funds
to purchase you dear that you may not flee

tell me my love the desires of your heart
and i’ll certainly grant them that we may be one
i love to see you in that gorgeous hat
as you reassure me of a battle we must have won.
My take:the persona from soup to nut takes us through his thirst for the recovery of the love heonce shared with a lady of his choice.He generally expresses a pleading tone and attitude as he feels that could be the most appropriate channel through which he could put his message across.

In stanza one,we see the persona feeling crucified or bound.This denotes his capture by something that keeps him away from his dear one.
The persona also expresses his jealousy when he looks at the way others watch movies in pairs,contrary to him.Could he be expressing his lust for money when he states his urge to buy his dear one that she may not flee?Or is he just so much experienced in the field of funds?
He is ready to do anything to win the battle of love.Perhaps his dear one has been snatched by someone else?


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