Actually,today I felt bored and idle and made up my mind to write out a piece of fictitious narrative.I would like your comments on whether it has direction or it’s just not my type.Have a look:

The outer space was a buzz with activity.It was the vicinity that would host the great war,what was prevalently referred to as The Mighty War.It was the war that resulted in the capture of The Magic Belt and The Powerful Rod.El’Nov,the supernatural being had been yearning for these powers for just so long.He felt that it was his time to prove to the world that he was mightier and stronger than his major rival,Vush Potter,who was the owner of the powers.

“Nobody can take away my powers from me without my knowledge!Nobody!”Vush,the great ancestor of the peoples cried out in sheer agony.But courage had risen in him in leaps and bounds and he was consequently ready for the battle.He raised his belt and stroke it in the pungent
air alongside the rod,and there was the loudest thunder ever produced.So strong was it that the world shook in fright,and so did El’Nov.

The power was so mighty that Nov could’nt resist,and before he knew it,he was thrust into the air by a strong wave,and some flesh from his left leg torn.In despair and desperation,he rolled uncontrollably in the air and was just on the verge of knocking himself onto The Brillie Meteor when he shone light on it from his own hands,thereby shattering the meteor.”Nobody fights the great Nov!No-one!”he blurted out in great anguish and fury.Swiftly,he raised his right hand and focussed it on the sun,and without further ado,harnessed twenty-five percent of the sun’s heat and instilled it in his own body.

Vush was almost just in time to ‘scamper’ for safety but Nov was a shade too fast for him.He unleashed the sun’s heat onto Vush and with mighty strength,he also blew with his own mouth a strong whirl wind towards Vush.Nevertheless,Vush had the power to absorb all forms of power and so he did this with the sun’s heat without struggle.He quickly used the absorbed sun’s heat to reverse the whirl wind’s direction-an act that made El’Nov the worst temperemental being on earth.

“The battle is here!You cannot and will never defeat the one and only mighty!”Vush uttered so loudly that the universe was in an uproar.But that did not shudder Nov.He had a dream and he had resolved to achieve that dream through thick and thin.So,on the spur of the moment,he decided to teach the great ancestor of peoples a memorable lesson.”Vulla par’la somm’e it siz doer joui!”he shouted,his voice resonating with rich clarity and sobriety.One that was sufficient to shake the entire earth.

And so it came to pass,that the whole world shook in the wake of those words.And all forms of chemicals,rocks,asteroids,meteors,part of the sun,and everything the earth contained were dispersed in the universe like dust.Nov gathered the sun,the moon,the meteors and part of the earth’s ground which had been thrown up,said,”Il lemme Tu Vues dii!”and as if obedient,all of them were racing towards Vush in a blood-curdling speed.A velocity so uncontrollable,faster than the speed of light itself.And since the great ancestor could not overpower him when it came to nature as Nov was the king of nature,all those heavenly bodies struck Vush.

Vush would be no more.His body was tearing apart and a raging inferno razed his body down.Fire from the nature part of the world,and no matter how much he tried to put it out,Nov fuelled it even more.”Die you lunatic!Leave me in piece!”Nov shouted,with mixed feelings of fright and glee.Before Vush could die,he uttered,”May this power of mine be instilledin the one to overcome you!May it fly and take control of a person whose society is dissatisfied with your power!’dueaaa!'(go now!)

In the wake of his words,all power abandoned him and swiftly like an eagle flew through space and headed for an unknown place.He then let go The Magic Belt and The Powerful Rod,and they too flew high above,and his spirit left him and vanished in the air.His body burnt in the powerful fire.And so,it was that El’Nov,the supernatural being had defeated Vush utterly,the great ancestor of the peoples.Nov joined his hands and a great charming flame was produced.The flame followed the two sources of power and harnessed them before they could disappear.Nov was the new owner of the Powerful Rod and the Magic Belt,he raised them high and shouted aloud,”I am The Great El Nov!Nobody defeats me!No-one!”The earth was striken by a great earthquake,and it was torn into two.Hush!


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