Many a people have had an opportunity to dream.This was the case majorly in youthful or young stages.For now,some of us may have made it due to their relentless efforts to make the dream come true;but some may not have had the chance to relish the dream they wanted.

Whether or not your dreams have been achieved,it is high time you reflected on what you did that brought about the results.Shifting our focus towards those who did not make it,what are some of the factors that might have spearheaded,in one way or another,the bad outcome?

One major prevailing problem is the idea of not being on time to nurture your dream.Now this may not help you,or the elderly for that matter,but can act as a sound piece of advice to our younger ones,more specifically,children.

When a children grow up,most of them are fast to identify their ambitions in life.”I wanna be a doctor!A writer!An engineer!A nurse!”They say all these on the grounds thet they believe they can make it.

One thing we ought to comprehend is that children don’t develop their abilities from scratch or out of sheer unpreparedness.The funny side of it is that in lieu of advice on how to nurture their dreams,most parents are overwhelmed by ignorance.They look at it as something incredible just because they perceive that children are too young a people to dream.

The notion is pretty dangerous and could bring about deleterious effects to our children.As soon as a child is spotted to have an interest in music,for instance,do your best to support him/her by purchasing a guitar!That way,you will have started on him earlier and consequently development of the dream would be as easy as A B C.

It is worthwhile to be the early bird.Let your child be all-round.And that’s how life is.


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