Occasionally,I get to hear many a people scream,”Have respect!”They actually demand respect.Nevertheless,it is high time such victims of the problem understood that respect can only be acquired but not demanded for.
It would be absurd and rather bizarre to witness a drunkard daddy reprimanding his children over their habitual drinking,or a stern and strict mom telling off to her children that they ought not to be strict in the future.This is sheer irony which would only result in doubt and imertinence in the society.
For a people to do what one wants of them,one must possess the art of being a role model.Let what you say be an impeccable reflection of your actions,as in this way,others will have no choice but to listen to you.
Being a role model not only ascertains to you that people look up to you but also automatically thrusts you into popularity and fame.The notion of calling people abusive names and warning them of things you do yourself only aims at destroying one’s personality.Be a role model.


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