Reply to’Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world?’

I simply sighed the first time my eyes caught sight of the question as I perceived it to be pretty rhetorical.Yes is my answer.I will attempt to demystify my point and give plausible reasons just to ascertain that clarity and comprehension has been achieved to the latter.I have five reasons and here I go.
The need to practically apply what you see in real life situation:It is pretty automatic that once you watch a movie,it arouses your curiosity and queries such as’how come?,How did it happen?Can I try?Is it real?’really get the better part of you.You feel like you should try it out practically,only for the trial resulting in huge deleterious consequences.The issue of crime does not just appear in one’s mind abruptly,but is heralded by movies,particularly its addiction.
The kind of atmosphere that exists between the characters and the reason for their violence:the relationship between the characters and what drives them to crime is no doubt a factor.Anybody watching such a movie,especially when hurt or feeling downcast or remorseful,will try and compare his or her situation with that in the movie.The two situations will seemingly be the same,in the viewer’s opinion,and he or she will feel enthusiastic although still bitter,that he has found a remedy to his problems.The result?
Word usage by characters:characters in a movie often use offensive language.It lacks polite nature and etiquette.These words,if mustured and used by people who watch them,to others,may trigger violence.Violence in this case can also refer to domestic violence.When a husband tells the wife”Fuck you!Go to hell you lout!You deserve to rot in hell!”It is quite obvious that the consequences will not be amusing,will they?
The devil’s influence:basing on my strong religious and spiritual background,it is common knowledge that the devil,who in the Bible is ridiculed for theft,murder and destruction,captures people and shifts their attention away from Godliness through movies.Is crime Godly?It is without a shadow of doubt that the devil causes violence by first tricking us into watching violent movies.
Last but certainly not least,some people cause violence just because they are in dire need of fame and cash.It is apparent that movie actors are eminent and earn a may also be pricked by a feeling of sheer jealousy and greed,and resolve to violence.
To crown it all,that is my view of it.I strongly feel with conviction that if a control measure could be taken into consideration in regards to violent movies and the rate at which they are watched,violence in the society would suffocate.


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