The captivating story triggers the feeling of icy tingles of fright running down your spine.Let’s have a look at it.

“let’s move on,”Templer said,dipping his paddle.As they passed a mother hippo lying in the water,her calf dozing with its chin on her back,the sun was dropping towards the tree tops.In 40 minutes,Templer knew,the group must be at the landing where a truck would take them to their hotels.McNamara bumped his kayak down a wide ledge of rock 30cm high over which the river cascaded into a pool about 60m across.Sibanda,angling into the current,was next,with Templer and then Namasango close behind.
Templer rapped on his canoe to encourage any hippos hidden below water to surface,so that the paddlers could avoid them.Suddenly,there was a noise like a thunderclap.BAM!A bull hippo hit Namasango’s canoe,throwing the back nearly a metre into the air and sending Namasango tumbling out.Templer whipped round in his seat to see the back end of Namasango’s canoe on the shoulders of a hippo-the rogue hippo.The beast opened its huge mouth,then submerged abruptly.As the canoes two remaining passengers,Grassot and Skorupka,fought to keep it level,Namasango bobbed up in the water.
Templer back-paddled his canoe towards Namasango.”Hold on,im on my way,”he yelled.Left without a paddler or spare paddle,Grassot and Skorukpa worked the water madly with their hands to get out of the huppo’s reach.Sibanda,who was now bringing up the rear,turned his canoe into the shallows a few metres away,his passengers Fischer and Lagardere scrambled onto a rocky outcrop.
Namasango reached for the side of Templer’s canoe.Templer saw the risk of being capsized at that angle.”No,come round the back,”he told Namasango.
With one stroke,Templer positioned the back of his canoe within Namasango’s reach.’The hippo wont return,’he told himself.Templer leant out of the boat,extending a hand for Namasango to grab.
Their fingers were just centimetres apart when the hippo exploded out of the water between them like a truck with its bonnet open.

My take:
It’s pretty amazing when the narrator paints in us a vivid picture of what happened in accordance with the immense and brutal attack by the hippo.Contrast comes in when we think Templer will save Namasango only for the hippo to reappear out of the blues.Dyson again leaves us in suspense when we conceptualize the kind of fight that might have ensued afterwards with the abrupt appearance of the hippo-an ordeal worth shuddering at.


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