Recently,just as I was getting ready for the afternoon classes,I was busily working on my essay.Essay writing is my hobby and I consequently opted to do just that just to pass time.Abruptly like a bolt of lightning,a good friend of mine,Mike,came nearby,glanced awkwardly at my work and withhout much ado,astonishingly snatched the foolscap paper from me.Seemingly impassive and oblivious of my wrath,he read out the contents of the essay to the entire class but was cautious enough not to feign a burst of laughter as the contents were surprisingly to him,pretty captivative.He gave me a grimacing look,and I was quick to detect his abrupt mood swings.
What does it cost to be courteous?Are such acts really a perfect replica of a reasonable human?Courtesy has so far been overlooked by many people.Right from our speech extending to our thoughts and actions.Offensive language use has always triggered unrest among us,but unfortunately,it’s use is becoming unchecked.It is high time we all embraced purity and pious behaviour,taking keen interest in how we relate with others.Our relations greatly determine whether we can make or lose friends.It determines our reputation indeed.Let us all be sensible enough to keep off recalcitrance and impertinence,and embrace courtesy and politeness to avoid deleterious consequences.


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