The words have a meaning so profound.They speak to me day and night.Nagging they are.It's like Im a big sinner.But I lack the audacity to listen.I lack the words to express my feelings.My feelings of fear for this generation.
I look at the students and I lack the words.So recalcitrant some may be,not willing to heed to advice.So astray they are,but comprehending the simple notion is so difficult for them.Talking it to them is needless-they have become a tough nut to crack.I lack the words.
I look at the poor families trying so hard to clutch at a straw despite their apparent drowning.My heart thumps painfully at the sight of their suffering.Why are we created so differently I ask myself.It's like some things are meant to occur.They wince in agony,but their cries of pain only echoe unheard in the acrid air.Surely why must we give them a deaf ear?I lack the words.


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